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05 maret 2008 06:37 establishes collective mission with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Language and Library Council) Brunei establishes collective mission with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Language and Library Council) Brunei

Yogyakarta, the eagerness of Brunei Darussalam to be the center of culture and history of Borneo Malay is totally huge. Some efforts intended to preserve and develop the culture and history of Borneo Malay are continually taken place. As the time goes by, some governmental departments, especially those who concern with the preservation and development of Malay culture, continually celebrate some events encouraging those objectives.

It is just the same as Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Language and Library Council) of Brunei Darussalam, a government institution which is responsible for language and literary development and propagation, cultural research and documentation, library development, and book publication. They arrange some events to encourage their missions. Therefore, the visit of to Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (abbreviated DBP Brunei) on Monday, February 25th was cordially welcomed by them as both have the similar visions towards Malay World. arrived the office at 1.50 pm, seemed slogans summoning everyone to keep the origin of Malay language like “Mengutamakan Bahasa Melayu Berarti mendukung Kedaulatan Negara” (Emphasizing Malay language means encouraging nation‘s sovereignty). Malay language is controlled and synchronized with the modern global changes so that it can be a compatible national language for knowledge and modern technology dissemination.

Entering the meeting room on the 4th floor, was welcomed by The Honor Dr. Awang Matain bin Bakar, the Director of DBP Brunei and other chiefs of sections within DBP Brunei. It was an incredible welcome for being received by DBP Brunei functionaries; it motivated since the existence of is appreciated by Malay people in Brunei Darussalam. The visit of to DBP ensued positive agreements such as data exchange among and DBP Brunei. Meanwhile, for other cooperation cases like expertise exchange will be discussed in a MoU immediately.

There were Dr. Awang Mataim bin Bakar, the Director of DBP Brunei, Dayang Aminah binti Haji Momin, the Vice Director of DBP Brunei, Awang Hatnan bin Haji Buang, the Chief of Research and Development Section, Awang Abdul Malek bin Haji Metarsat, the Chief of Art and Design Section, Dayang Hajah Badaniah, the Chief of Book Planning Section, Awang Haji Talip, the Chief of Catalogue and Acquisition Section, and other chiefs of sections within DBP Brunei.

The meeting was started by the presentation of each institution. As the representatives of DBP Brunei there were Dr. Awang Mataim bin Bakar and Dayang Aminah binti Haji Momin, while from were Mahyudin Al-Mudra, SH., MM. The Director of and Nursaid Ali Rido, MA, the Chief Editor of

Dr. Awang Mataim bin Bakar said, “It‘s time to set a real cooperation on knowledge and Malay language development by conducting research or scholar activities. Thus, each of us ought to prepare the draft of MoU that will be agreed and signed both of us next time.”

His statement was cordially received by Mahyudin Al-Mudra as the visit to DBP Brunei was intended to set the cooperation in some sectors. He invited the DBP Brunei officers to visit Balai Kajian dan Pengembangan Budaya Melayu (The Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture), the main institution of, to hold a further discussion and sign the MoU among them.

Dr. Awang Mataim bin Bakar even suggested that the MoU is not only established between and DBP Brunei, but also with the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport. It means that it will automatically set the cooperation with other institutions under the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport such as DBP Brunei, Brunei History Centre and Brunei Darussalam Museum.

The cooperation between and other institution in Brunei is a positive effort for Malay civilization‘s future forasmuch as by this way, the aims to revive the highly-respected of Malay civilization in modern era will come true. He summoned all Malay people to self-evaluate; we must stand on the same position under the name of culture though politically, we are in different geographic boundaries. It`s time to unify culturally, cooperate to establish Malay civilization in archipelago, shape it up as the center for research, study, and information of Malay world.    


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