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12 juni 2008 04:41

BKPBM and PSSAT-UGM Sign Memorandum of Understanding

BKPBM and PSSAT-UGM Sign Memorandum of Understanding

Yogyakarta, Monday, June 9th, 2008, Balai Kajian dan Pengembangan Budaya Melayu-BKPBM (Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture) and Pusat Studi Sosial Asia Tenggara-PSSAT (Center for Southeast Asian Social Studies) signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) in Balai Melayu building, BKPBMs office. The MoU is a symbol of close relationship between these two institutions concerning with their efforts in preservation, research, development, and publication of social, cultural, economic, and political heritages in Malay areas, especially Southeast Asia.

The attempt to set this MoU has been commenced about three months ago to put in practise the idea of Dr. Arif Mundayat who became a speaker in BKPBMs monthly discussion on February 20th, 2008. Since this chummy dialogue, both institutions agreed to set cooperation. Therefore, the Head of BKPBM and other staffs made a visit to PSSAT-UGM as an attempt to further talk about cooperation possibilities. On that visit, both institutions discussed several points that would have been included within the MoU. From the MoU, hopefully there will be strong academic ties and real cooperation between these two institutions.

Some points in the MoU have been agreed. Those points are data exchanges, building networks, hosting seminars and discussions, conducting collective researches, making collective publications, developing new approaches in cultural preservation, gaining shared funding, and banner exchanges on each website.

In his opening speech, Mahyudin Al Mudra, the Head of BKPBM, expressed his happiness for the signing of the MoU. I cordially welcome this MoU. It seems like a new tonic to refresh our motivations, hence we can set some more academic programs. From now, BKPBM and PSSAT-UGM are expected to be stronger institutions in the eyes of academic practitioners, especially those in Southeast Asian countries. Mahyudin said.

As an institution which continuously develops and reconstructs Malay civilization, in the present, BKPBM has to set cooperation with other institutions, one of them is PSSAT-UGM. I take a great hope that this cooperation would give valuable contribution and smart programs bringing enlightenment for both sides. Expectantly, this cooperation would bring academic spirit and intellectual tradition to BKPBM. Mahyudin added.

Similarly, Dr. Aris Arif Mundayat also expressed his view. I think this MoU is an important thing for the future of both institutions involved within. Not only is important for academic purposes but also for cultural preservation, conservation, and documentation of Malay culture. Aris said. He stated that PSSAT is ready for sharing data and several books about Southeast Asian studies. Besides, PSSAT has also made cooperation with a university from Vietnam that could be an object for Malay social and cultural studies, especially Malay scattered over in Vietnam.

After the remarks from the representatives of both institutions, the MoU was signed by Mahyudin Al Mudra and Dr. Aris Arif Mundayat. As the witnesses were Hadi Kurniawan, Vice Manager of BKPBM; Yuhastina Sinaro, Public Relations Officer of BKPBM; Budi Irawanto M.A., Deputy of Research, Education and Publication of PSSAT, Pitra Narendra, S.IP., a young researcher of PSSAT; and all BKPBMs staffs. Tumpeng ceremony and giving souvenirs by the heads of BKPBM and PSSAT ended the MoU signing.

In addition, BKPBM has also attempted to establish other cooperation with University of Malaya, University of Kebangsaan Malaysia, University of Putra Malaysia, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka Brunei Darussalam, and Brunei History Center. That cooperation hopefully will make BKPBMs mission statements to be the most considerable research institution focusing on Malay studies in the world come true.


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