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15 agustus 2008 08:50

BKPBM Embraces Wisma Bahasa and Umar Kayam Foundation to Develop Malay Culture

BKPBM Embraces Wisma Bahasa and Umar Kayam Foundation to Develop Malay Culture

Yogyakarta, The Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture (BKPBM) embraces Wisma Bahasa and Umar Kayam Foundation to extend the efforts to preserve and develop Malay culture. The entourage arrived at Balai Pinang Lima building on Wednesday (13/08/08).

Wisma Bahasa is a governmental institution concerning on Indonesian culture and language training and education for foreigners. Along the representatives Wisma Bahasa, came also the representatives of Umar Kayam Foundation, a foundation concerning with art and cultural documentation, research, and mediation. The visit of those two institutions was aimed at examining possibilities for further cooperation.

On that occasion, Wisma Bahasa invited BKPBM to take part in an exhibition entitled “Malam Indonesia” (Indonesia Night) that will be held on August 23rd, 2008. “Malam Indonesia” is an annual event displaying Indonesia`s multifarious cultural heritages through art and cultural performances. All BKPBM`s products such as Malay books and souvenirs will be displayed in a special room called “Kelas Melayu” (Malay Class).

The invitation from Wisma Bahasa then was gratefully received by the Public Relations Officer of BKPBM, Yuhastina Sinaro, and the chief-in-editor of, Nursaed Ali Rido. “We are open to all types of co-operative networks, especially on Malay cultural preservation,” Yuhastina remarked. To some extent she suggested Wisma Bahasa choose BKPBM as a filed trip destination for the students of Wisma Bahasa, who want to know more about Malay culture.   

The cooperative plans with Wisma Bahasa and Umar Kayam Foundation will be established soon in the form of Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). “It is necessary sign a MoU so that our cooperation will stay outlast,” Yuhastina said. Further Yuhastina added “We will enthusiastically support `Malam Indonesia` by participating in that event.”

Performing Art Collaboration

On the same day, Umar Kayam Foundation`s visit to BKPBM was also aimed at inviting BKPBM to set a programme. Umar Kayam Foundation wanted to invite BKPBM to take part in a art collaboration performance.

“Cultural clashes do not merely come from America or western countries, but now, Aceh people fell threatened by Javanese, and Javanese likewise feel threatened by Ming people. Those examples show us that cultural clashes also occur horizontally amongst the tribes in Indonesia. Therefore, we need to eradicate such cultural clashes by tightening culturally regional dialogue,” Slamet Tohari, a staff of Umar Kayam Foundation, said.

Responding Tohari`s opinion, Mahyudin cordially supports the idea. “Traditional performing art should be packed in a non-traditional way so that youth people want to watch it,” Mahyudin remarked.

Prof. Muhammad Haji Salleh, who attended the informal meeting, suggested that organizing a traditional performing art should consider choosing a performing art that is famous among the common citizens. He took an example like pantun which is well-known in almost all Southeast Asian areas and even France. Besides he added, “Some Malay folklores, like Hang Tuah, may also be included into the performance.”

Finally, the meeting agreed to perform Hang Tuah to bridge Malay culture and other cultures. At last, both BKPBM and Umar Kayam Foundation shake hands to establish further mutual co-operative networks.



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