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21 november 2011 07:10

National Reog Festival, Jakarta to Show Off

National Reog Festival, Jakarta to Show Off

Jakarta, Indonesia - The East Java Cultural art, Reog Ponorogo has become one part of Jakarta’s culture. It can be seen Jakarta Reog Ponorogo is always participating in national or international event.

The contingent of Jakarta Reog Ponorogo consists of 30 people will participate in the 18th National Reog Festival in Ponorogo, East Java on November 22-27, 2011. It is targeted that they can able to achieve overall winner in this festival.

“Today, I release the art team of Jakarta Reog Ponorogo which will participate in National Reog Festival. We hope Jakarta contingent can become overall winner in this festival,” said Fauzi Bowo when releasing Jakarta Reog Ponorogo Contingent 2011 at Jakarta City Hall, Monday (11/21).

According to Fauzi Bowo, the participation of Jakarta Reog Ponorogo contingent in national level festival is a reflection to develop national culture and love for our country. Besides, they also become Jakarta ambassador in Ponorogo in order to prove national culture is able to be developed, maintained and preserved properly in Jakarta.

Jakarta is a place where all national cultures met. Besides, Jakarta is also a meeting between national culture and foreign culture. Therefore, we should preserve national culture art so that we could maintain our identity,” he expressed.

In term of Reog Ponorogo culture art from Ponorogo, East Java is also including in the development of culture art in Jakarta. In the end, Jakarta culture is only Betawi, but other local cultures also developed, such as Reog Ponorogo. “Therefore, Jakarta as big city should be grateful with various cultures in Jakarta. And we also should improve awareness to preserve it,” he stressed.

He continued that indeed cultural infiltration cannot be avoided because it is the impact of technology progress and nation information. Thus, various foreign cultures can enter easily and accepted by the nation.

“If Indonesia, especially Jakarta residents, they accept foreign culture without supported with strong self-resilience, so it will influence to the culture and nation tradition. So, national culture should not be lost by cultural infiltration,” he asserted.

Head of Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department, Arie Budhiman asserted that Jakarta Reog Ponorogo contingent should able to achieve overall winner in National Reog Festival. Thereby, it will give positive value for Jakarta which is able to preserve national culture when foreign culture invaded the city.

“By becoming the champion, all reog contingents from other areas will see Jakarta residents’ resilience to survive in preserving national culture in middle of cultural infiltration,” he stated.


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