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18 november 2011 08:24

ASEAN Culture Ministers Propose Festivals, Competitions

ASEAN Culture Ministers Propose Festivals, Competitions

Jakarta, Indonesia - ASEAN culture ministers signed a declaration on Thursday, initiating steps to unite ASEAN peoples through cultural and educational programs.

The proposal was brought forward during the declaration of the ASEAN Culture Ministers on Thursday, Indonesian National Education and Culture Minister Muhammad Nuh said Thursday.

Nuh added that the ministers had proposed music and film festivals and olympiads for students and teachers in ASEAN as programs to realize the declaration.

“These initiatives will protect, promote and utilize cultural diversity in ASEAN, as well as push the creative industry in the region,” Nuh said in Jimbaran, Bali, as quoted by Antara state news agency.

The declaration was also aimed at pushing ASEAN citizens to share and care more about each other through culture, Nuh added.

Nuh said the ministers would further discuss the realization of this agreement at a senior official meeting in early 2012.


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