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19 februari 2013 06:34

Malay Language Council Outlines Target Groups for Programmes

Malay Language Council Outlines Target Groups for Programmes
The Malay Language Council

Singapore - The Malay Language Council said Monday that it will focus its programmes on three target groups in a bid to preserve and enhance the use of the Malay language.

Council Chairman Masagos Zulkifli identified the three groups as the language elites, students and teachers and the general public.

Three sub-committees have also been formed to look after each group.

The council will also adopt a strategic approach of "infrastructure, activities and achievement" to implement its plans.

It also presented activities planned for the next two years. This includes the MASTERA conference, which will be hosted by Singapore for the first time in 2015, as part of efforts to elevate the status of the Malay language.

A smartphone application will also be launched by June this year.

The application will allow the public to be updated about art and cultural activities in Singapore.

The council also announced plans to introduce guidelines and a work plan for the teaching of the Malay language in preschools.


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