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Malay history

Jami` Air Tiris Mosque


1. History

It was a prominent Islamic scholar named Engku Mudo Songkal who had an idea to build Jami` Air Tiris Mosque in 1901 A.D. The mosque is regarded as sacred thus many foreign tourists – most of them from Malaysia and Singapore – and local tourists come to the mosque, especially on Ramadhan month and the six fasting days after Eid El-Fitr. Most of them visit the mosque for paying vow and taking a bath in surrounding a well located in front of the mosque. Within the well, there is a big buffalo head shaped stone. Some people say that the stone moves everywhere with no one know who move it.

2. Location

Jami` Air Tiris Mosque is located in Tanjung Berulak Village, Pasar Usang, Kampar Sub-district, Riau, Indonesia. It is about 13 km away from Bangkinang, the capital of Kampar District, and 52 km away from Pekanbaru City, Riau, Indonesia.

3. Width

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4. Architecture

The mosque uses the combination of Malay architecture and Chinese architecture with the roof in shape of pyramid. It is made of wood, hence you will not find metal on the mosque. Some crafted ornaments on the wall of the mosque are the same as the ornaments used in a mosque in Pahang, Malaysia.

5. Planning

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6. Renovation

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Photo Credit: Mahyudin Al-Mudra

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