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  • 26 februari 2007 04:49

    By : H.M. Rusli Zainal Globalization is a tendency and today‘s reality. Globalization creates limitations in its relationship amongst people, nation and country to be meaningless. Borders or countries elsewhere, people, communities or institutions can interrelate and sustain based on the individual interest. Everyday, Indonesian ...

  • 14 oktober 2008 06:27

    By Charles Sumner Lobingier In the evolution of the human marital status institutional writers[1] distinguish three stages, (I) wife capture, (2) purchase, and (3) mutual assent. These several stages while normally sequent may, nevertheless, be contemporaneous, not only as between peoples of different culture states, but even among the ...

  • 03 oktober 2008 07:11

    By: Angela Quiros Introduction: Donsol and Placencia Whale shark tourism all over the world is a highly lucrative industry based on an ecologically vulnerable species (Norman 2000). In the Philippines, Donsol is a popular destination for local whale shark tourism. In Belize, internation­al divers visit Placencia to observe whale sharks in ...

  • 27 maret 2007 08:09

    You`ve never really been to Batam, Bintan or Tanjung Balai Karimun in Riau Islands province unless you have tried gonggong, a seafood dish unique to these three areas, Gonggong, which literally translates to barking, is the name of a sea creature. After just one bite, you`ll be hooked. The snail-like gonggong has a yellowish white ...

  • 27 maret 2007 08:18

    Raja Malik Afrizal, 37, gazed in dismay at several cannons of the Malay kingdom of Riau. As one of the heirs and descendants of Yang Dipertuanmuda (king of) Riau still living on Penyengat Island, Raja Malik Afrizal is in charge of gathering all the cultural relics and historical records of Riau‘s Malay kingdom on this island. The ...

  • 08 juni 2007 09:16

    Sri Wickrema Rajasinghe, the King of Ceylon. By B. A. Hussainmiya, Ph. D The transformation of the Sri Lankan Malay community into a martial race became more complete under the British rule than under the Dutch who surrendered their coastal possessions in 1796. Strangely enough, while the soldierly capabilities of Malays in Sri Lanka ...

  • 14 oktober 2008 04:42

  • 30 oktober 2008 04:14

  • 10 november 2008 02:32

  • 27 april 2007 03:59

    The end of the Batak had come and gone. Their culture was already gone. The language was all that remained. Do you doom yourself and your children to lives of abject poverty, ridden with disease and living with hunger on a daily basis just to preserve a language? By Antonio Graceffo Lorenzo Batak stands about five feet tall, ...

  • 27 april 2007 07:08

    This is an interesting article which addresses a major problem in most Muslim communities. Although it has been written specifically for Malay Muslims, just replace the word Malay in this article, with say, Bengali or Indian or Pakistani and you will get an article fit for any culture. The author is a Malay who wrote this letter to members ...

  • 26 april 2007 07:17

    By Thomas Fuller International Herald Tribune Visitors to Malaysia are often surprised to learn that the custom of wearing headscarves — almost universally adhered to by Muslim women in the country today — barely existed 30 years ago. It is considered a paradox, rightly or wrongly, that as Malaysia modernized and built skyscrapers, ...

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