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Melayu Ensiclopedy

Melayu Ensiclopedy

Encyclopedia, or once in a while is spelled as encyclopaedia, is taken from ancient Greek language enkyklios paidea to mean a circle or completed education. The idea of  encyclopedia is the lattest teaching of all knowledge circles. Epistemologically, encyclopedia is addressed as a set of books that encloses the explanation of every alphabetically or categorically the knowledge branches that is fixed and simple (source: Encyclopedia is differ from dictionary. Dictionary offers every entry definition only in the line of linguist sight (the synonym). Temporarily, the encyclopedia presents a matter in a deeper explanation. It gives every single word as a phenomenon. Clearly stated, a dictionary is a list of words explained in other word formations. On the other hand, encyclopedia is a list of matters. What is more, in, encyclopedia is collection or specific Malay list in digital format by giving the description of the addressed materials in deeper. Generally speaking, the description is not in the linguistic terminology only but in its specific terms. It also explains something from its functional side, historical side and other presented phenomena. To make easy to the directory, encyclopedia in this portal is arranged alphabetically.

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Adat petudui`

A series of custom in Brunei wedding which begins with handing over several things, such as a golden ring and a silver bracelet by the groom to the bride. During this procession, both bride and groom are not allowed to take a bath in the river nor take a nap.

Adat pahe

Handing over presents to a bride in Brunei by a representative of the groom’s family. This is very important, because before a bride accepts the presents, she is not allowed to eat random food in the groom’s house.

Alaq Tau

It is a ritual performed by Dayak Kenyah people in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, before commencing rice cultivation. This tradition aims to ask for guidance to The Creator in selecting the perfect time to cultivate rice. It begins with prayer offering by adat head. The perfect time is usually determined by the shape of the sun’s certain coordinate observed by the adat head. Later, the ritual ...

Adat Makuta Alam

Book of Adat Makuta Alam contains laws and regulations in the administrative system of Aceh Darussalam Sultanate. Adat Makuta Alam was formulated by Sultan Iskandar Muda who ruled from 1607 to 1636 AD. The laws which are based on Islamic canon law regulate many respects related to the administration and living in Aceh Darussalam Sultanate, not to mention the administrative system, administrative formation ...

Malay Custom Is Based On The Canon Law, Canon Law Is Based On The Koran

The philosophy Malay Custom Is Based On The Canon Law, Canon Law Is Based On The Koran literally means Malay custom is based on religion and religious law is based on the Koran. Thus, customary law should indirectly be based on the Koran. This is the philosophy embraced by the government of Serdang Sultanate in East Sumatra (now North Sumatra) in the times of Sultan Ainan Johan Alamsyah era who ...

Adat Sebenar Adat

Adat Sebenar Adat is a traditional custom applicable in Serdang Sultanate in East Sumatra (now North Sumatra) in the era of Sultan Ainan Johan Alamsyah (1767 – 1817). This custom embraces a law comprehension in accordance with the laws of nature, for instance: fire is hot, water is cold, life and death, day and night, man and woman, and other laws of nature. Adat Sebenar Adat became one of Sultan Ainan ...

Adat yang Diadatkan

Adat Yang Diadatkan emerged as a result of a consensus between adat elders and Orang-Orang Besar of Serdang Sultanate in East Sumatra (now North Sumatra) during the administration of Sultan Ainan Johan Alamsyah (1767 – 1817), the second Sultan of Serdang. This custom becomes one of Sultan Ainan Johan Alamsyah policies to stricter the laws on custom and tradition applicable in Serdang Sultanate ...


An Antan-antan is a person whose job is to help a Batin in taking charge of customs and traditions. Along with a Batin, an Antan-antan is involved in decision making process concerning punishment when there ia a certain violation of their customary laws. The term is used among Petalangan people in Kabupaten Pelalawan, Riau Province. (Tunggul Tauladan/ensi/01/01-2010) Translation by ...