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  • 25 -04-2012 08:34:45

    Strategic location, comfortable atmosphere, full facilities, as well as reasonable price, are the main things have always been taken into people’s consideration for choosing a hotel. Balai Melayu Museum Hotel gives more than what people think. Balai Melayu Museum Hotel offers not only a comfortable place, but also an education and ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:33

    By Setiono Sugiharto Indonesia is known not only for its multiethnic richness, but also for its linguistically diversified provinces and regions. Recent documented records by the National Education Ministry indicate there are 746 indigenous languages in the country, 10 of which have died out. Worse, according to noted linguists ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:07

    The end of the Batak had come and gone. Their culture was already gone. The language was all that remained. Do you doom yourself and your children to lives of abject poverty, ridden with disease and living with hunger on a daily basis just to preserve a language? By Antonio Graceffo Lorenzo Batak stands about five feet tall, and wears the ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:10

    At the beginning of the 16th century, the eastern spice trade was routed through Egypt, and no non-Muslim vessel was permitted to dock in Arabian ports. The competing European powers, painfully aware of the need for an open trade route to India and the Far East, sought to establish their own trading ports at the source. In 1511, a ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:16

    Compared to other regions in Indonesia, Minangkabau has unique tradition regarding the writing of manuscripts; the tradition is still live here until recently. I found some of them written even in 2001 on modern papers. Kitab al-Taqwim wa al-Siyam is one of the contemporary manuscripts, deals with the calendar system of Shattari people, ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:33

    Raja Malik Afrizal, 37, gazed in dismay at several cannons of the Malay kingdom of Riau. As one of the heirs and descendants of Yang Dipertuanmuda (king of) Riau still living on Penyengat Island, Raja Malik Afrizal is in charge of gathering all the cultural relics and historical records of Riau‘s Malay kingdom on this island. The young ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:29

    The Malays "I cannot but consider the Malayu nation as one people, speaking one language, though spread over so wide a space, preserving their character and customs, in all the maritime states lying between Sulu Seas and the Southern Oceans." - Stamford Raffles, ‘On the Malayu Nation‘, Asiatic Researches, 12 (1816): 103. The Malays are ...

  • 08 oktober 2008 06:32

    Born Abdullah bin Abdul Kadir in Melaka in 1796, Munshi Abdullah is hailed by many as one of the Malay world‘s great men of letters. He led Malay literature from the world of heroic myth, fantasy and feudal exploits into what R O Winstedt described as "a realism that ... is in accord with the genius of a race of extroverts." Abdullah ...

  • 10 oktober 2008 02:36

    By: Saybhan Samat Rajagiriya The 70 thousand small Malay community in the island at present is in a state of limbo as they are fast losing their culture, language and identity swamped by the cultures and lifestyles of the majority Sinhalese and Tamils. Some Malays observe the culture of their co-religionists, the Moors, which essentially ...

  • 11 oktober 2008 04:18

    By Ooi Kee Beng Malaysia`s Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak, in the run up towards celebrating Malaysia`s 50th anniversary on August 31st tried recently to justify continued affirmative action for the Malay majority by claiming that they had suffered over 400 years of colonisation before independence, and were therefore ...

  • 17 oktober 2008 02:39

    By Joe KissellDuring college I spent a summer in Indonesia, and naturally I picked up a bit of the language. When I say “the language,” I’m referring to Indonesian or, as it is known in Indonesian, Bahasa Indonesia (“language of Indonesia”). This statement is not as obvious as it may sound; Indonesia is home to hundreds of languages, and of ...

  • 23 juni 2008 04:15

    By Setiono Sugiharto Among Indonesia‘s estimated 746 indigenous languages, Betawi is one of the most widely-spoken. Also known as Batavi, Betawi Malay, Jakarta Malay and Melayu Jakarte, this language is listed as one of the country‘s active local languages. The term Betawi is etymologically derived from Batavia, the original and ...

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