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20 februari 2012 04:58

Balai Melayu Museum Hotel, Cultural Tourism in Your Hotel

Balai Melayu Museum Hotel, Cultural Tourism in Your Hotel

Strategic location, comfortable atmosphere, full facilities, as well as reasonable price, are the main things have always been taken into people’s consideration for choosing a hotel. Balai Melayu Museum Hotel gives more than what people think. Balai Melayu Museum Hotel offers not only a comfortable place, but also an education and entertainment rich in cultural nuances.

Balai Melayu Museum Hotel offers the concept of resting while learning, equipped with various Malay artifacts seen in every corner, featuring a blend of modern and traditional styles of facilities designed in Malay characteristic, as well as to serve the typical Malay cuisine.

In Balai Melayu Museum Hotel, you will not only interact with all materialistic of Malays, but also experience the feels how to be one of the Malays dressing in Malay clothes, demonstrating martial arts, cooking the Malay cuisine, unrequited rhyme, and more.

The rooms are designed uniquely to meet a blend of practical-minimalist modern interior with an ethnic-classical touch. A variety of colorful Songket clothes lay beautifully on as head bed coatings, sofa cushions, chairs, and cupboards, which create a charming Malay nuance as well as luxurious and full of dignity.

In addition to the luxurious, artistic, and convenient rooms, Balai Melayu Museum Hotel also offers various other facilities, including the cafe serves various menus of Malay cuisine, a library stores thousands of Malay books, and a museum stores various Malay objects. The objects include the traditional weapons, betel tools, farming tools, musical instruments, palace and traditional house replicas, Malay clothes, and others.

Balai Melayu Museum Hotel provides interesting package offers, including tour packages to various tourism objects in Yogyakarta, which also gives the knowledge and information about each history and culture. The packages include:

1.        Cycling Package:

        Temple cycling (Boko - Prambanan – Plaosan - Sambisari)

        Historic pilgrimages cycling (Kotagede – Imogiri - Parangkusumo)

    Yogyakarta cycling (Kotagede – Malioboro - Kraton - Tamansari – South Square)

        Rural tourism cycling (Tembi - Kasongan)

2.        Photography Package:

     Architectural photography (Kraton, Great Mosque of Kauman, Tamansari, Fort Vredeburg, Borobudur, Prambanan)

        Landscape photography (Mount Merapi, Beaches in Gunung Kidul)

        Human Interest photography (local activities in Beringharjo Market, pottery makers, Kris makers, gamelan makers, rice farmers)

3.        Adventure Package

        Caving in Gunung Kidul

        Exploring the white sandy beaches in Gunung Kidul

        Rafting on Solo River

        Rafting on Progo River

4.        Kriya Package

        Learn to batik

        Learn to make pottery

        Learn to make handicrafts

        Learn to make natural dried flowers

In Balai Melayu Museum Hotel, not only knowledge and comfort atmosphere you gain, but also directly participate the survival of the Malay culture itself. Considering Balai Melayu Museum Hotel was built for non-commercial purposes but as an asset to the sustainability of the fundraising Malay activities established by the Center for Research and Development of Malay Culture (Indonesian: Balai Kajian dan pengembangan Budaya Melayu, abbreviated as BKPBM).

Various activities have been performed by BKPBM to preserve the Malay culture, realized through establishing various portals, including,,,,, and Various activities are also being carried out, such as publishing Malay books, holding seminars, cultural tour visit, even reviving Malay artifact by making replicas of Malay palaces, traditional Malay houses, Malay Kris, Malay clothing, and more.



Phone: (0274) 837 3005 - Mobile Phone: 081 313 9494 25



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