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Malay Researcher

Harimurti Kridalaksana, Prof. PhD.


1. The Biography

Harimurti Kridalaksana (Kanjeng Pangeran Harya Hubert Emmanuel Harimurti Kridalaksana Martanegara) was born in Ungaran, Central Java, on December 23rd, 1939. His major study was obtained at the faculty of Literature in University of Indonesia in 1963. In 1970, he succeeded his study on didactic language at Pittburgh University, Pensylvania, USA. He earned Fulbright scholarship in the same university a year later. By 1973, he took part in a summer school as a guest lecturer in Michigan University, USA. In 1985, he was chosen as a Humboldt scholar to teach in Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankrut am Main, Germany. His doctoral degree was obtained in University of Indonesia in 1987.

His professional career on education and teaching began in 1961, when he was assigned as a teacher on civics. Besides, he has also translated the number of political and social subjects for several years. Likewise, in the same year he taught historical linguistic and Austronesia comparative historical linguistic in University of Indonesia. During teaching in University of Indonesia, once he was appointed as the Head of Indonesian Literature Programme and occupied a position as coordinator for cultural sciences in postgraduate programme University of Indonesia. He occupied those positions twice tenures.

In 1964, he moved to Yogyakarta and was designated as a lecturer in University of Atma Jaya, Yogyakarta Navy School, and Gadjah Mada University. During 1989 to 1999, he was designated as the rector of Atma Jaya University in Jakarta. In addition, he also became a guest lecturer in several universities in Frankfurt, Napoli, Kuala Lumpur, and Bangkok.

Harimurti joined some professional organizations, either international or local. He followed some institutions such as Indonesian Educator Association (leader), Indonesian Linguistic Society (leader), Linguistic Society of America (member), Sociestas Linguistica Europaea (member), Royal Asiatic Society (member), International Association of Cognitive Linguistics (member), Koninklijk Instituut voor Taal Land, en Volkenkunde (member), Perkumpulan Linguistik Malaysia (member), and International Committee on Indonesian Etymology (member).

As an academician, Harimurti has conducted some researches on language, especially Malay language. During 1970 to 1971, he undertook a research on Language Planning Process in Stanford University and University of Indonesia. His research on Malay languages conducted in Riau Province was funded by Lembaga Research Kebudayaan Nasional-LIPI (Research Center on National Culture) during 1969 to 1972. His objects for research encompass Malay languages that are used in Bintan Island, Lingga Island, Riau Islands, and Sakai. To some extent, he also carried out a research on Malay language taking place in Malaysia, Singapore, and the Philippines.

Up to now, Harimurti still actively participates in several academic activities such as becoming the Director of the Center for Lexicology and Lexicography at the Faculty of Literature in University of Indonesia since 2004. Likewise, he is also the member of board of examiners for some universities in Annamalai University, Malaya University, Putra Malaysia University, and Brunei Darussalam University. His active immersions in language and linguistic studies engaged him as the consultant on Malay language in Language and Library Council of Malaysia, and the consultant on lexicography and terminology in Pusat Pembinaan dan Pengembangan Bahasa (the Center for Language Education and Development). Besides, he edited the second edition of Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia (Indonesian Sage Dictionary) and Mandarin-Indonesia Dictionary. Now, he is the full-professor on linguistic theory and Indonesian language.

2. The Thought

(In the process of data collecting)

3. The Works

Some books and articles made by Harimurti are listed below:

  1. Struktur, Kategori dan Fungsi dalam Teori Sintaksis.
  2. Towards a Standardization of Phonologi and Morphologic Borrowed Elements in Indonesian, presented in an International Conference of Orientalists, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1967).
  3. Tutursapa dalam Penggunaan Bahasa Indonesia Dewasa Ini: Sebuah Studi Sosio-Linguistik (1968).
  4. Beberapa Persoalan Jang Dihadapi Bahasa Indonesia Sebagai Bahasa Ilmu Pengetahuan, a brief report ((1968).
  5. Second Participant in Indonesian Address, in an International Congress of Orientalist, Cambera, Australia (1971).
  6. Fungsi Bahasa dan Sikap Bahasa, an omnibus (1974).
  7. Kamus Sinonim Bahasa Indonesia (1974).
  8. Leksikon Malaysia (1974).
  9. Istilah Linguistik Indonesia-Inggris (1977).
  10. Beberapa Masalah Linguistik Indonesia (1978).
  11. Seminar Evaluasi Pengajaran Linguistik Indonesia di Perguruan Tinggi, Jakarta (1978).
  12. Lexicography in Indonesia, in an International Congress of Linguists,Vienna, Austria (1979).
  13. Daftar Istilah Linguistik: Asing-Indonesia (1979).
  14. Struktur Bahasa Jawa Kuna, with L. Mardiwarsito (1979).
  15. Kamus Linguistik (1982).
  16. Pelangi Bahasa, an omnibus dedicated to Prof. J.W.M. Verhaar, S.J. (1982).
  17. Rintisan dalam Linguistik Indonesia, an omnibus (1984).
  18. Tata Bahasa Deskriptif Bahasa Indonesia: Sintaksis (1985).
  19. Kelas Kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia (1986).
  20. Beberapa Prinsip Perpaduan Leksem dalam Bahasa Indonesia (1987).
  21. Pembentukan Kata dalam Bahasa Indonesia (1989).
  22. Masa Lampau Bahasa Indonesia: Sebuah Bunga Rampai (1991).
  23. Introduction to Word Formation and Word Classes in Indonesian (1998).
  24. Wiwara: Pengantar Bahasa dan Kebudayaan Jawa.
  25. The Sanskrit Legacy in Indonesia Today, presented in 11th World Conference of Sanskrit in Turino Italia (2000).
  26. Paradigma Semiotik dalam Linguistik Melayu/Indonesia, presented in University of Putra Malaysia (2001).
  27. Struktur, Kategori dan Fungsi dalam Teori Sintaksis (2002).
  28. From Law Malay to Standard Malay in the Indonesian Newspapers, presented in ISMIL &, Nijmegen, Netherlands (2003).
  29. Mongin Ferdinand de Saussure, Peletak Dasar Strukturlisme dan Linguistik Modern. Jakarta: Obor publisher, 2006.
  30. Kosakata Ragam Bahasa Indonesia Tak Baku, in KATA 9th edition No.1. (2006).
  31. Menjadi Anak Diglosik, presented in the International Seminar on Children`s Language development in State University Yogyakarta (2006).

4. The Awards

For his merits in education and knowledge, Pangeran Sentana was awarded to Harimurti Kridalaksana with a title as Kanjeng Pengeran Harya (KPH) Martanegara, Yogyakarta, in 2004. That is an honoured title amongst the royal family member of Yogyakarta Sultanate.

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Translated by Irfan N (ter/38/08-08)

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