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  1. The 2nd Perhelatan Agung and Adat Title Awarding Ceremony of Serdang Sultanate.
  2. On Marapu, the Local Belief of the Sumbanese.
  3. BKPBM`s Sixth Anniversary: Malay Hybrid in One Single Framework.
  4. Book Launching: Capturing Malay`s Diversity in Single Snapshot.
  5. Reviving The Glory Of Malay Civilization.
  6.`s Director Honoured Tokoh Pemersatu Melayu Serantau Award.
  7. From Cape Town to the Land of Minangkabau.
  8. BKPBM To Host Panel Discussion and the LKTI Awarding Ceremony .
  9. Three Winning Papers of 2008 International LKTI Announced.
  10. UCLA`s Expert on Malay Literature Takes a Visit to BKPBM.
  11. UiTM`s Students Take a Study Tour at BKPBM.
  12. Majlis Ilmu of Brunei Darussalam Visits BKPBM.
  13. The Celebration of`s Second Anniversary: Four Malay “Heroines” Receive the 2009 MelayuOnline Awards.
  14.’s Second Anniversary: The Launch of
  15.’s Second Anniversary: The New Malay Is – Mahyudin.
  16.`s Second Anniversary: MelayuOnline Names “2009 MelayuOnline Awards” Receivers.
  17.`s Second Anniversary: Kings of Malay-based kingdoms Confirm of Attendance.
  18.`s Second Anniversary: “Shaping the Culture-based Future”.
  19. LKTI 2008 Closed for Paper Submit.
  20. 2008 Sagang Award Winner Facing Critical Situation.
  21. Renewing Layout, Reviving Image.
  22. English Course, Follow-up to Co-operative network with Wisma Bahasa.
  23. Participants Much Prefer Globalization and Malay Politics of Identity to the Others.
  24. BKPBM Can Promote Kepri`s Potencies.
  25. BKPBM`s Works Take My Breath Away – the Mayor of Tanjung Pinang.
  26. Malaysian Ambassador to Indonesia Visits BKPBM.
  27. BKPBM and Wisma Bahasa Sign Memorandum of Understanding.
  28. Nuda Ltd. attempting to establish co-operative missions with BKPBM.
  29. USM Rector to Support the International Academic Writing Competition.
  30. Malay Identity Reinforcement in the Land of Sumatra.
  31. A Million Visits to
  32. Malay Political Identity Growing Stronger – Sakai.
  33. Indonesia Night 2008 Presents Indonesian Cultural Diversity.
  34. BKPBM and PSSAT to Hold International Academic Writing Competition.
  35. BKPBM Holds Dialogue on `Optimizing Yogyakarta Tourism Development`.
  36. BKPBM Embraces Wisma Bahasa and Umar Kayam Foundation to Develop Malay Culture.
  37. Two NUS`s Students Visit BKPBM.
  38. on Metro TV.
  39. The Role of ICT in Cultural Preservation.
  40. Two Poets Meet in BKPBM.
  41. Pekanbaru City Secretary Visits BKPBM.
  42. Heddy: Need Strategic Programmes to Preserve Nation`s Culture.
  43. The Fourth Manassa Symposium Opened Today.
  44. Metro TV to Broadcast BKPBM`s Activities.
  45. BKPBM Signs Co-operative Networks in West Kalimantan.
  46. Fever.
  47. FSBM-KB, Raising a Commitment to Preserve Malay Culture.
  48. Preserving Culture through Competition.
  49. Lanting House and Social Pattern in the Kapuas River.
  50. West Kalimantan Malay Kings Hold a Gathering.
  51. Multi-ethnic Dance Opens West Kalimantan Malay Cultural Festival 2008.
  52. Revitalization of Malay Kingdoms in West Kalimantan.
  53. Cooperation between BKPBM and MABMKB Finds a Bright View.
  54. BKPBM Maintains Harmonious Relations with West Kalimantan.
  55. The Visit of UKM`s Lecturers to BKPBM, Strengthening Harmonious Relations.
  56. 10 Korean Students Visit BKPBM.
  57. Malay Atmosphere on the Fifth Anniversary of BKPBM.
  58. Learning Immortalizing Event by Photography.
  59. Korean Literature Department of Gadjah Mada University Visits BKPBM.
  60. BKPBM and PSSAT-UGM Sign Memorandum of Understanding.
  61. Improving the writing skill of BKPBM`s crews.
  62. BKPBM`s monthly Meeting: Together Establishing Malay World.
  63. Intellectual Property is not the best way of preserving and protecting cultural heritage.
  64. BKPBM Hosts Indonesia-Malaysia Business Meeting.
  65. Revealing the Identity of Melayu Raya (Greater Malay).
  66. Dangdut, “Orkes Melayu,” Malay no more.
  67. The Dialogue between UIN Sunan Kalijaga Dialogue Center and BKPBM.
  68. Disbudsenipar Riau Attempts to Set Cooperation with BKPBM.
  69. Visit of Asosiasi Tradisi Lisan (ATL) to BKPBM (31-03-2008).
  70. Cultural Dialogue on Malay Leadership.
  71. BKPBM Hosts Panel Discussion and Awards LKTI Winners (24-03-2008).
  72. BKPBM launches (19-03-2008).
  73. BKPBM Boosts Academic Ties with PSSAT-UGM.
  74. LKTI Winners.
  75. Exploring Malay Grandeur Through Alwatzikhoebillah Palace, Sambas.
  76. The Mempawah Palace: the Symbol of Malayan`s Ceaseless Struggle against of Colonialists.
  77. The Kadriyah Palace: The Forgotten Glory.
  78. West Kalimantan Malay House: Malay Enchantment in Pontianak.
  79. establishes collective mission with Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka (Language and Library Council) Brunei.
  80. sets cooperation with Brunei History Centre.
  81. Sets Cooperation in Brunei.
  82. Political Lifestyle of Muslim Malay in Hatyai, South Thailand.
  83. BKPBM to Launch Malay
  84. BKPBM—UPM to Sign MOU on Education and Development of Malay Culture.
  85. Ideal Library for Establishing Malay Civilization in the Future.
  86. National Academic Writing Competition `Political Stance of Malay People` successfully collects numerous participants.
  87. Minister for the Acceleration of Development in Backward Regions Visited
  88. Marked its First Anniversary.
  89. The Mayor of Pekanbaru Visits BKPBM.
  90. Catching Malay Atmosphere in Singapore.
  91. Malacca, a historical city with abundant Malay Cultural Heritage.
  92. Establishing the Myth of the New Indonesia: Strengthening Nation`s Identity and Solidarity.
  93. From Jogja, Establishing Harmonious Relations with Malaysia.
  94. National Academic Writing Competition`s Committee Boosts up the Awards.
  95. Chaidir: Growing Amazingly.
  96. Ding Choo Ming:, the Future of Most Comprehensive Website on Malay.
  97. Showcases New Layout.
  98. Searching for Very Identity of Malay: Ramadan Dialogue and Fast Break in
  99. The Second MelayuOnline Work Meeting Set Up Newly Comprehensive Programmes.
  100. Preserving Cultural and Traditional Properties.
  101. Brings Malay back to Indonesia.
  102. Work Meeting: Achieving Dream through Action.
  103. We are not able to Manage Malay Culture Yet.
  104. Riau Governor and entourage visit
  105. Portal on the Global Malay World.
  106. Heart of Serumpun Malay from all over the Globe.
  107. The Launching of .
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