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Malay Culture

The History and the Development of Malay Language

As the most spoken language in the Malay Archipelago, Malay language has passed several historical phases before transforming into recent colloquial language. These phases will be recorded, noted, and classified from the earlier phase until the last phase.  

Some linguists whose expertise is on historical linguistics had recorded five phases had been passed by Malay language. The first phase represented by the pre-historic Malay language, and then followed by ancient Malay language. In the next phase, Malay language went through classical Malay phase which was full of outstanding literature`s value. Following the classical phase, Malay language passed modern Malay phase and ended in past colonialism phase.      

Each phase will be scrutinized through linguistic analysis which is supported by both historical and archaeological facts; the first phase will explore the origins of Malay language including homeland, migration of the first native speakers and their socio-cultural life; the second phase will refer mostly to the calendars carved on the Malay language inscriptions.

The transition from the ancient Malay language phase to the classical Malay language phase is the most pivotal subject that will be explored specifically in separate section. Another interesting point is the way of Malay language transformed to the modern Malay language.       

The contemporary development of Malay language following the end of colonialism and imperialism in Malay land will be elaborated in articles. These articles will provide important information and opinions mostly on the transformation of Malay language as official language in several Malay countries. The inclusion of last phase in articles is intended to analyze it thoroughly. (SR/bhs/04/07-07)


  1. The Origin of Malay Language. (2)
  2. The Ancient Malay Language Phase. (4)
  3. The Classical Malay Language Phase. (2)
  4. The Modern Malay Language Phase. (2)
  5. The Past Colonialism Phase. (2)
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