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Malay Culture

Malay Art

Malay art is a product of Malay people creativity of expressing their aesthetic thought in the form of matters, condition or other creations of beautiful or significant things. This art is originally created by the Malay people and owned collectively by them. Therefore, the Malay art represents Malay culture. In another word, the Malay art is the creation of the Malay people in responding, understanding, interpreting and answering the variety of problems they faced. Both the background of tradition and cultural system differentiate the feature of the Malay art to others. The two elements are related to idea, belief, value, norm, etc. Because Malay culture and another culture such as Javanese culture have a different tradition and cultural system, so that the pattern of expression, aims and the philosophy of value encompassed within the Malay art are different from that of Javanese art. In such understanding, art is not only as the creation of beautiful, but also as the media of giving guidance. Aesthetic thoughts and cultural guidance above are implemented in the form of dancing, music, weaving, carving, painting, art of self- defense, theater, and folk games. Each aspect of art is categorized based on both historical phase and profanity. Based on the historical phase, the Malay art is divided into two categories: traditional and contemporary; while based on the profanity, it is divided into sacred and profane.

  1. Dancing. (3)
  2. Music. (2)
  3. Weaving. (11)
  4. Carving. (4)
  5. Folk Theater. (18)
  6. Folk Game. (2)
  7. Painting.
  8. Martial Art. (6)
  9. Other Malay Art Creativities. (3)
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